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Curriculum and Federal Programs

Welcome to the Telfair County Schools Curriculum and Federal Programs Department.  We serve the system specifically in the areas of curriculum and federal programs.  Our quest to always “pursue excellence” cannot be accomplished alone.  The collaboration of students, faculty, staff, parents, and the community will help us to achieve a system in which all students realize success and are well prepared for their journey in life.  Thank you for investing time to learn more about our system.  If you have further questions, please contact us.

ESSER III-ARP Stakeholder Input Survey - FY24

Stakeholder input is needed in regards to the district's ESSER III-ARP Plan.  This plan is reviewed two times per year.  Shown below are links to the ESSER III-ARP Plan and the ESSER III-ARP Stakeholder Input Survey for parents and community members to complete.  The school system will use the information obtained from the survey results to update the system's ESSER III-ARP Plan (if needed).


Thank you for your assistance.

Contact Information

Cindy Jones
Curriculum and Federal Program Director
Telfair County Schools
P.O. Box 55240
212 West Huckabee Street
McRae Helena, GA 31055
P: (229) 868-5661 ext: 1106
F: (229) 868-5549