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The Telfair County School System is an educational force for the county. Community and parent involvement is a key component to the success of the school system, as a whole and to each of its facets individually. The school system strives to produce an enlightened and productive citizenry. Advanced technology, state-of-the-art facilities, enthusiastic faculties, and abundant resources result in eager, successful students. Research statistics and objective evaluations are the foundation for system practices and policies. Innovative approaches to education, shared goals, and systematic improvements are in place in Telfair County Schools at the forefront of the educational field.

 The vision for technology in the Telfair County School System can be described as follows:

  • When students leave the Telfair County School System, we want them to be prepared for success. We want all students to have a quality educational experience that encompasses lifelong learning skills. Through high expectations and accountability, we believe that we can prepare students for the ever-changing future, which will require citizens to be critical thinkers, problem solvers, and decision makers.
  • Technology will play an important role in the instruction in each area. Because teachers will integrate technology into daily teaching practices, students will learn that it is not a separate part of knowledge but that it is central to daily life and education. Students will develop skills that will enable them to be independent users of technology, as well as to be able to access the multiplicity of resources available.
  • Expand high speed Internet Access to allow students, teachers, and administrators access to the tools and resources they need for collaborative learning
  • Develop assessment models for gauging student achievement and analyzing data to differentiate instruction
  • Provide appropriate 21st century equipment and software for special needs, economically disadvantaged, and regular education students
  • Fully integrate 21st century teaching standards into every classroom to fully connect the activities in the classroom to lifelong learning and success.
  • Evaluate student, teacher, and administrative use and understanding of technology as aligned with the National Educational Technology Standards (NETS-S).
  • Expand our student’s, teacher’s and administrator’s ubiquitous access to all educational resources available in our school system.
  • Evaluate all technology purchases to determine their effectiveness and use with the 21st century technology standards.
  • Expand the web portal to provide relevant and continuously updated system information for students, teachers, parents, and administrators
  • Provide a web-based parent portal for access to student grades, attendance, standardized test results, special accommodations, and other pertinent information pertaining to student’s academic standing
  • Provide additional classroom technology such as interactive whiteboards and other 21st century equipment.
  • Provide high quality web-based software to administrators and teachers that will allow efficient data collection.
  • Continue to modify as needed effective models to assess student achievement and interpret data to differentiate instruction for maximum achievement
  • Provide a web-based grade book with parent access to student grades, student attendance, special accommodations, standardized test results, and other data available about each student’s academic standing


Contact Information

Jennifer D. White
Technology Director
Telfair County Schools
P.O. Box 55240
212 West Huckabee Street
McRae Helena, GA 31055
P: (229) 868-5661 ext:1113
F: (229) 868-5549