• Welcome to Telfair Pre-K

    Dear Parents:

    We are pleased that you have chosen Telfair Pre-K to be your child’s first school experience. We have many activities planned for our preschool students and their families this year. Our goal is to provide activities that help children develop healthy bodies and learn skills and concepts appropriate for their age and necessary for maximum growth. It is our goal to prepare you and your child for a smooth transition into Kindergarten next year, and to see each Pre-K student graduate from High School and College in the future.

    Parent Involvement is stressed in Pre-K. We believe a child’s most important teacher is his/her parent or parents. There will be opportunities for you as parents to spend time with your child here at Pre-K through classroom visits, field trips, eating breakfast and/or lunch, etc.

    Thank you for being a part of this exciting program! 


    Mrs. Shirley Martin